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Understanding your Health and Safety Responsibilities (SFL04)
Safety Leadership
Understanding your Health and Safety Responsibilities (SFL04)
Everyone, wherever they are in the world, has the right to work in a safe environment. And the health and well-being of staff while they’re at work needs to be a priority for all employers and employees. But unfortunately, over 2 million people...
Workplace Inspections (WH002)
Workplace Housekeeping
Workplace Inspections (WH002)
Inspection. It’s a word that can induce fear and dread in even the most careful workers, right? No one likes having someone with a clipboard and a stony face standing over them as they work. Your stomach does somersaults. Suddenly you can’t...
Near Misses and Workplace Safety (WH003)
Workplace Housekeeping
Near Misses and Workplace Safety (WH003)
Have you seen those reality TV shows, where footage from dash cams or cell phones shows people having lucky escapes? Things like a lightning bolt or tornado just missing a house? These near misses are terrifying. But surprisingly, near misses in...
Slips, Trips and Falls (WPE01)
Workplace Essentials
Slips, Trips and Falls (WPE01)
In slapstick comedy, slips, trips, and falls create the humor. While it’s funny to see comics and clowns slipping, tripping, or falling about, it’s not so fun when we are the ones having an accident, especially in the workplace. If we...
Reporting a Hazard (WPE04)
Workplace Essentials
Reporting a Hazard (WPE04)
Clowns – whether you love them, hate them, or find them terrifying, there's no denying they’re hilariously accident-prone. A custard pie to the face, all 4 wheels falling off their car at the same time, or a bucket landing on their heads!...
Manual Handling (WPE05)
Workplace Essentials
Manual Handling (WPE05)
Flatpack furniture – irritating to build, and when it’s all still packed up in the box, it’s pretty heavy to carry! But then it is an entire closet or sideboard, so that figures! Handling heavyweights like this is tiring and can cause some...
Driving and Using Your Phone (WPE08)
Workplace Essentials
Driving and Using Your Phone (WPE08)
It goes without saying that when you’re driving, you shouldn’t use your cellphone. It’s something we all already know, right? Even so, one in four automobile crashes in the US is caused by texting and driving and, worryingly, this figure is...
Going Remote (WPE10)
Workplace Essentials
Going Remote (WPE10)
Work in an office? Then you’ll know the feeling of taking that awful commute, in the pouring rain, only to be tied to your desk by 9 am, feeling slightly soggy and contemplating the meaning of life. Don’t despair! Office work is...

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