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Drug and Alcohol Abuse (CME04)
Compliance Essentials
Drug and Alcohol Abuse (CME04)
From Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman, to Shakespeare’s Bardolph, entertainment throughout history has long featured disorderly characters and their drink and drug use. Perhaps less spoken about, though, is how to handle these types of...
Sexual Harassment - Employer Version (CME11)
Compliance Essentials
Sexual Harassment - Employer Version (CME11)
Sexual harassment is always unacceptable. Nobody should have to work in a hostile environment in which they feel threatened or uncomfortable. But unfortunately, many people still experience sexual harassment in the workplace. Employers have...
HM Government Prevent Awareness Training (Prevent)
HM Government
HM Government Prevent Awareness Training (Prevent)
This course takes 30 to 40 minutes to complete. Who it's for This course is for anyone new to Prevent. If you're unsure what Prevent is and what signs to look for when it comes to risks of radicalisation, awareness is the first course in our...
ACT Awareness
ACT Awareness
ACT Awareness e-learning is a counter-terrorism (CT) awareness e-learning programme designed for all UK based companies and organisations and available freely to the public. Since its launch in 2018, ACT has helped prepare thousands of...
Protection of Adults and Safeguarding from Abuse
Train with Premier
Protection of Adults and Safeguarding from Abuse
Course cost: £25 plus VAT Keeping adults safe from abuse is called safeguarding and is an essential part of working with vulnerable adults and in other health and social care roles. This course will help learners to understand the different...

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